Milano / Italy 2021

Unipol Changes Magazin

Publication of my series «My Happiness» in CHANGES magazine from the Unipol Group in Italy. This issue’s subject is “Workplace”. The focus lies on work in a very broad sense, about how it will change in the future and how happiness has become a crucial issue in our lives, even after the pandemic.

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Zurich / Switzerland 2021

Familienheim – Genossenschaft Zürich

The photographs capture young people growing up in Zurich. Transitioning from child to adult. The back and forth of those growing pains. All photographs were taken in the midst of the Corona pandemic.

PDF of publication


Zurich / Switzerland 2021

PINOCCHIO, Beratungsstelle für Eltern und Kinder

I photographed families for the PINOCCHIO Family Counseling Center in Zurich. The theme for the 2020 annual report was „Closeness and Distance“ which  seemed to be a challenge for families during the pandemic.

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Zurich / Switzerland 2020

Stop Femizid

Project launched to name and prevent femicides.

The Swiss research project „STOP FEMICIDE“ calls for naming femicides as such. The project initiators Nadia Brügger, Sylke Gruhnwald and Pauline Martinet want to create more awareness about femicides – through documentation, research and education – and have developed a media guide on how to report about femicides. I created the pictures for it.

Link to the project page

CD Cover

Zurich / Switzerland 2020

Babylodge, Zürich

The Zurich band Babylodge has released a wonderful new album „SUNDAY STORIES“. I took the band pictures for it. It’s definitely worth a listen!

Link to Babylodge


Athens / Greece 2020

Shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival with
the series «Mein Glück», 2016 -2018.

 Link to the Athens Photo Festival


May 2020

PINOCCHIO, Beratungsstelle für Eltern und Kinder

Images for the 2019 annual report
of PINOCCHIO,  Family and Child Counseling Center in Zurich.

The topic of this report focused on „Tenderness in Education“.

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Zurich / Switzerland 2019

Open Atelier and Workshow

Get-together with apero and picture sale in our studio community at Töpferstrasse 26. For further details see invitation.


Lenzburg / Switzerland 2019

Fotofestival Lenzburg, 2019
Searching for Beauty

Nominated for the Jury Prize 2019, at the Fotofestival Lenzburg.

My work was on display at the second edition of the Fotofestival Lenzburg from Mai 17 to June 17, 2019. The theme for the 2019 Festival was „Finding Beauty“


December 2018

Atelier Space for rent

A quiet, bright workspace is available in our shared studio on Töpferstrasse.

If interested: 076 570 33 91


Basel /Switzerland 2018

BelleVue, Place for Photography

My work „MEIN GLÜCK“  was on display from  9/7/18 -9/30/18 at BelleVue, Place for photography in Basel.