Ongoing project since 2022

„When the body changes, the hormones dance, we sweat, sleep says goodbye and so do the children. The hair turns grey and a wonderfully snotty feeling sets in. When the everyday loop spins on repeat, the familiar says farewell, much has been achieved, but some things have turned out differently. The world seems nebulous one moment, then crystal clear again. When the great freedom calls softly and not having to „be“ any more elicits queenliness. Some call it the second puberty, some menopause – I call it climax.“

Ongoing project about moods and sensitivities of women during their climacteric years. The pictures shown here are an excerpt from a larger work.

The series „Climax“ is part of „Female Form“, a collaborative project
with Sophie Stieger and Nora Dal Cero.

Tagi Zoom
Der Bund
Curated by Girls