Ongoing project since 2022

»When our bodies change, hormones run wild, we sweat, sleep becomes a distant memory, and the kids have flown the nest. Our hair turns grey, but a wonderfully defiant attitude takes hold. When the daily routine becomes monotonous, the familiar becomes strange, we’ve achieved much but some things have taken a different turn. When the world appears hazy one moment, crystal clear the next. When the great freedom whispers and the „no longer having to“ unleashes our inner queen. Some call it the second puberty, others call it menopause – I call it Climax.»

This ongoing project delves into the emotional landscape of women during their climacteric years, capturing the nuanced moods and sensitivities that shape this transformative time. These images are just a glimpse into a larger body of work that shines a light on the complexities of female experience.

A brief insight into the project.

«Climax«, ongoing series since 2022