(Series, 2016/18)

Those who possess it often only realize its value when it’s gone. Despite this, happiness appears to be everywhere in our society, and the pursuit of it is nearly mandatory.

Franziska Willimann spent two years searching for her own happiness. To her surprise, she found it in places she never would have expected, such as in an empty yogurt cup, which was a part of her daily routine. She was able to capture these moments with a keen sense for what would endure, as they hold more significance than what appears on the surface.

My Happiness is a work of art that straddles the line between documentary and staging. It is a series that refuses to be pinned down to one specific genre, just as it raises the question of what true happiness truly is. Franziska Willimann has captured her own happiness and generously shares it with the world.

(Text by Manuel Gübeli, filmmaker, artist and writer)